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The Fortune 100 Equation


  • Dump “business waste” by only having your sales team do the 20% that brings in revenue
  • No more needing to cold call, attend networking events, or coffee “dates” - in person will be optional
  • And blast sales record month, after month, after month in the process

Plus: Free sales audit for B2B business owners, business heads and sales/marketing teams who respond to this page…

Silently, this new revolutionary system has been filling sales pipelines with targeted prospects automatically with machine-like predictability...


Matt Montellione, November 2nd, 2020

It’s true…

There’s a new and different way for you to pack a sales pipeline full of targeting leads automatically. 

It’s called The Fortune 100 Equation

And you probably haven’t heard of it because only a handful of companies have figured out how to actually use it. 

See, the world has changed drastically and in person prospecting like networking events, trade shows, and other in person sales prospecting tools that have been used for decades are either non existent anymore or are slim. 

The sales world has been forced to go online and earn trust like never before…

And if you’re looking for an online solution that doesn’t just replace in person but can double or even triple in-person efforts by being able to create trust like never before… look no further. 

But I don’t want to help you just connect with people online, and go through the same old routines as in-person prospecting or cold calling. 

I am going to show you how you can eliminate 80% of the work for your sales team so they can just focus on closing. 

The Right and WRONG Methods of Real Growth in the Digital Age

The market demands more from connection, prospecting and sales because the world doesn't operate from handshakes and coffee dates anymore. 
In order to do that you need: 

-->Automation: using tech to get you into the “online trade shows” at mass scale

--> Blue Ocean: destroy competition by being where they are not (or at least do it better)

--> Customize: You can’t gain trust without this, but doing this manually is extremely time consuming (this can be automated and I’ll show you how) 

This is the new ABCs of sales. 

And I call it the The Agile Outreach System

I discovered this while working with over 328+ businesses in the last few years across 60 different industries. 

I got word of fortune 100 companies combing old school prospecting while also being able to use automation and the internet to 3-10x their in person (or old school) ways. 

I’m kind of a techy guy combined with a marketing background so I used those skills and made 1+1 + 3 … cause that's just how I roll. 

But the cool thing was that I didn’t have to spend a dime on ads to outperform my clients ads. 

So real quick, let me show you how this works…


Have you ever been to a baseball batting cage? Where they have a machine pitch a ball to you and you just, well hit the balls the robots are hurling at you. 

I went to one recently and noticed that in the beginning of hitting the balls the batters miss a lot, but once they get into a groove (or rhythm) - they have a much higher success rate. 

Right now, prospecting in person is A LOT tougher, and if you’ve relied on networking, trade shows, wining and dining, or good ol’ referrals for more business… making the transition online is tough. 

Your sales reps aren’t used to it and so here is no rhythm. 

Just like the batters that just start at the batting cage they strike out more because they can’t get “into a groove” 

What the Fortune 100 system does is simple: 

It becomes the ball pitching machine (so to speak) and automatically sends your sales rep’s appointments… but with one additional bonus: 

The “getting in groove” phase doesn’t happen because unlike the majority of “online sales prospecting” tools this system doesn't just send you a lead or appointment and call it a day - it ensures that they are warmed up to your business before the call so your sales reps can do what they do best: CLOSE. 

Imagine how many more appointments your sales reps can take if they got rid of the most time consuming and frustrating part of sales: prospecting. 
Not to mention… how much is it costing your company having your sales reps do all of their own prospecting online? 

Or worst yet, having full time appointment setters sitting on their butts everyday “trying” to book calls. 

Blue Ocean: 

The opportunity to capitalize on this System is limited. 

LinkedIn is growing at 21% more users every single year, and with there being over 700 million active users already… the market is only growing…

Which means that corporations are going to be flooding it with ads and their own sales reps FAST. 

Already, Audi, Chase, Cisco, Hubspot, Microsoft and many other corporations are using Linkedin as a way to get more sales. 

If there wasn’t a MASSIVE prospecting list with high-quality buyers on there these companies wouldn't waste their time on it. 

Soon it will be flooded, but those that have this System rocking for them before the inevitable flood of companies moving over to LinkedIn for sales opportunities will already have the market share needed to be a lasting pillar on the platform. 

The point is: right now there is an untapped market that is HUGE. 

Want an unfair advantage by entering a blue ocean of prospects? 

Click HERE to book a 1-1 call with us where you will see just how much potential is out there for your sales reps to have their calendars filled to the brim. 


“Sales is a number’s game” has been said a billion times, and there is a ton of truth to that! 

But going through numbers for the sake of going through numbers is ridiculous. 

When you combine numbers with personalized follow up… those aren’t just numbers anymore - they become quality. 

Picture this: 

You get a letter in the mail and it says “To: Current Resident” 

What do you do? In the trash it goes without a second thought!

But if it said your name on it - you would give it a 2nd thought…

And if it had a personal note about you - it gets opened every time. 

That’s what this System does: it goes through thousands of contacts every single day that is your potential client/customer, engages with them, and follows up with them with customized messages that will FOR SURE get their attention. 

In short, It’s combining old-school prospecting methods combined with new technology to make the most powerful appointment generating system online. 
See how that can work? 

See how asking a sales rep to click their mouse online all day and type messages to thousands of prospects a day AND follow up with them in a custom way each time would be impossible? 

Sales reps want to close - not to click and type. 

But don't just take my word for it! 

See What Some of Our Clients Say About The System

“The campaign has results in a significant increase in scheduled meeting with prospects and the most important thing which is leads that continue to convert into sales”

-Kevin Morgan
Sr. Vice President at Glemser Technologies

“I’ve been getting so many responses from potential clients that some days I literally have to put them off to the end of the day because my inbox is overflowing”

-Steve Scecchitano
President of Aesir Logistics

“This campaign has worked way beyond our expectations. We connected with people across the country and we got many opportunities we would have never had the chance to get”

-Ryan Goor
President of Commercial Furniture Transport

By now, you see how and why this system is so effective at getting more sales opportunities for your sales reps. 

And you understand what makes it so powerful for getting quality automatic appointments for your sales team: 

The ability to FEED your sales team with high quality appointments without wasting time or money on mind-numbing prospecting. 

How to get this system in the next 1 Minute & 42 Seconds

That’s how long it takes to get started. 

By my estimates, booking a time on the calendar and filling out the details only takes 1 minute 42 seconds. 

You can even time it yourself ;)

And that’s why today I want to give you the opportunity to put it to work for you with our completely done-for-you offer.  

So on this page, you can fill out a quick survey and schedule a custom “Agile Outreach Call” 

So what's the “Agile Outreach Call” all about?

Well, it's made for you to see how it can work for your business specifically. 

The first thing we'll talk about is how you can use the system to easily get in front of your ideal prospects.

The second thing we'll talk about is how you can use the Agile Outreach System to automatically book appointments for your sales reps. 
The third thing we'll talk about is how you can use this system to get you more closed deals.

But, this is just the beginning of how our call together will help you get your sales reps a PACKED calendar because when you schedule your call today, I'm going back it up by giving this guarantee:

If you feel like you’ve seen this system before or that you feel our call was a waste of time, I will personally give you a $100 for wasting your time.

So think about it like this:

For 30 mins of your time if all the Agile Outreach call did was show you what system we are using to auto book quality prospects every single day and how to use it for your sales team, would it be worth it?

I'd say... yes, it would be worth it because you would have the solution to ditch or supplement in-peron prospecting. .

Or in the unlikely event you feel like I wasted your time… then you would get $100 for 30 mins of your time. 

So, go ahead... Click the button below and schedule your custom Agile Outreach Call right now.

There's no need for you to continue feeling that you need to rely on in-person prospecting (looking to not get any easier with current events going on) 

There's no need for you to continue having your sales reps not having a full calendar. 

You can change all of that today when you schedule an Agile Outreach CALL...

Go ahead... Click the button below and schedule it right now.

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